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Chris Black lives in New York City and Los Angeles. He’s right at the heart of American culture. He’s the conduit between the worlds of luxury, the arts, entertainment, the media, and society. The bridge between the high and the low; the very high and the very low.

He can tell you everything you need to know about the way we live now.
He can introduce you to everyone you need to meet.
He’ll help you speak to any audience you wish to.

Chris Black got his start in the music business, managing a band and touring the globe. That’s where he found that, as Warhol once said, “good business is the best art.” Today he consults for the most sophisticated brands, writes for the best publications, and hosts How Long Gone with Jason Stewart: a bicoastal elite podcast of conversations with the most influential figures in American lifestyle.
You’re living in a time of great cultural malleability—everything can happen.

Chris can explain the world to you, and how to remake it.


J. Crew, Thom Browne, Stussy, Balenciaga, Reigning Champ, Banana Republic, Tracksmith, and New Balance.


As a writer he has contributed to Vanity Fair, GQ, New York Magazine, Vogue, High Snobiety, and 032c.

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