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Chris Black lives and works in New York City. A cultural polymath, his many forays into art and commerce are best understood when taken all together. Individual projects and pursuits don't hang together formally; they coexist and occasionally intersect based on Black's evolution. Writing, fashion, consulting, photography – they all figure into the equation, but none are the final answer. His connection to culture – whether creating it, critiquing it, or celebrating it – is continually expanding.

Clients: Thom Browne, Stussy, Veilance, Museum of Peace & Quiet, Taika, Corridor, Judaica Standard Time, Sonic Editions, Benjamin Edgar, New Balance and Ralph Lauren.

As a writer he has contributed to GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, New York Magazine, Architectural Digest, Garage, T Magazine, 032c, SSENSE, and Puss Puss Magazine.

Chris Black is also the co-host of How Long Gone with Jason Stewart. A bi-coastal elite podcast where two old friends deliver their takes on pop culture, fashion, music, food and more.

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CV and clips upon request.